Rental Information

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  • Minimum Rental Time: 4 Hours
  • Fees info: Minimum 10.9% tip for driver
  • No charge for multiple stops
  • No gas charge, regardless of distance
  • No taxes added to service
  • 10% gratuity automatically added
  • Rental time begins from time of arrival at pick up. If the trip time exceeds pre-arranged rental time, CLT Limo Bus will charge additional time in 30 min increments
  • You can bring your own alcohol, cups and ice. You bring food and snacks but you are fully responsible for cleaning up after yourself. If you leave leftovers, we charge for a cleaning

See CLT Limo Bus Policy

Food & Drinks

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  • No food or drinks provided - BYOB
  • Snack food is allowed: chips, pretzels, cookies, etc...
  • No messy food allowed on bus: sandwiches, pizza, wings, fried food
  • Additional small coolers are allowed
$5 million liability insurance
Driver - 25 years experience